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ATMD V: Teams, Rules, Structure

Posted on: June 30, 2011 2:47 am
Edited on: July 2, 2011 2:30 am
Teams (In Draft Order)
1. The Big B/Jaysta
2. LBJWitness/tfitz
3. David Stern for President (Harst)
4. Titans McNair
5. Mike Brown?...FML (Lakers2408)
6. The Slippery and Seductive Slovak Swashbucklers (Mighty Mouse)
7. Sulphurous Nonentities (Blood)
8. Nugs
9. The Dude (North Harbour)
10. WCJ
11. Jobu's Rum (Cain)
12. BucFan
13. Kmvenne/GoHornets
14. ThreeGamer

1. Chrisper
2. BNW
3. WCF
4. Cliff

Rules for Draft:

1. All players who have been in the NBA for at least 1 full year are eligible for the draft.  That includes Michael Jordan.  Nobody is eligible that has played their entire career in the ABA. 
2. Number of rounds are 10, snake style draft ( 1-14 on odd rounds, 14-1 on even rounds ).
Unlimited trading allowed ( either picks or players ) during the draft.  But once you are on the clock, your pick cannot be traded. I'm happy to keep track of the draft board, I can keep a track of trades - someone else can do it as well since I have funny hours (New Zealander).
3. Trading will no longer be permitted once the final selection has been made. The draft is then over.
No trading of overall picking position, for instance if someone picks 3rd and if someone picks 5th, you can't swap picking position for the entire contest.  
4. Each drafting TEAM's pick time limit = 6 hours ( dead time is 1 am - 9 am EST, 10 pm to 6 am PST.). IF YOU HAVE 2 OR 3 OR 4 PICKS IN A ROW, you still only get 6 hours, it's not that hard to draft. If person doesn't draft in that time they are skipped and can come back anytime and announce their player as long as they are still available.
5. You can change your mind on your selection as long as it's before the person picking after you announces their selection.
Players are judged upon how they were in their prime of their career in the NBA, not how they played in the ABA or NBDL or NBA 2K11.
6. Teams consisting of 2 Posters: Either member of the team can announce who the selection is, unless you expressly say one cannot draft. If you don't communicate well, tough.
7. Send in draft lists to people outside the contest or people you trust who won't trade up to speed things along. Going to be gone for the night? Up in 4 picks? Send 4 names in order! It's easy!
8. Trading begins 24 hours before the draft. As soon as the first pick is on the clock, the draft has begun and there is no trading of the #1 pick, because it is on the clock.

Rules for Transaction Periods:
1. Transaction Periods = 1. Trading Players 2. Drop Excess Players 3. Add / Drop Players
2. Number of Transaction Periods = 2 total ( 1-After 1st pool games, 2-After 2nd pool games )
3. "Drop Excess Players" list:  At the conclusion of each trading period, just before the add drop.  Anyone who has more than 10 players on their roster has to provide a list of who they are dropping into the free agent pool BEFORE THE ADD/DROP.  If you don't provide to a BOD your drop we  will pick them for you.
4. "Add / Drop Period": Immediately following each trading period, order will be reverse order of standings.
5. Number of chances each team gets during the add / drop period is a maximum of 2, each Poster will have 4 hours to make their selection or they will be skipped, you can come back and select a player if you have been skipped as long as no one else has taken him, he wasn't dropped between the time you were to pick and did pick, and it's before the final selection which officially ends the process.
6. Once you have announced your add / drop selection, you can only change your mind prior to the next Poster making their selection.
7. Trading Players unevenly is allowed.  For instance trading 3 players for 1 player.  You must have at least 8 players after trading so that during the add / drop period you can get back to 10 players.  If you are under 8 players when the trading period is over your last trade will be null and void. 
8. For Transaction Period's trading restrictions include "Original" Players.  These are players that were on your roster prior to the Trading Period, any players you received from other deals don't count to that total. You must keep half of your original players (5).
9. Announcing of trades.  Once a trade is announced in the threads by ALL parties involved it's final, one team can announce as the other team can say that "I agree".

Tie Breaking Procedures  
1. Winner of Pool Play Division if 2 teams have equal record: Head to Head winner.
2. Winner of Pool Play Division if 3 teams have equal records: 1. Head to Head winner against other 2 teams. 1. best points for/against ration
3. Placement of teams in next Pool Play: 1. Overall win-loss record 2. points for/points against ratio

Rules for Matches:
Word Limits to gameplans are 1000 word max for the entire tournament. Word Count does not include listing of rosters and minutes. Gameplans over the word limit are unacceptable and will not be accepted. Even if you get away with it before, that's not an excuse for the time you get caught. It is your responsibility to ensure your gameplan fits the standards. Without a gameplan within the word max by the deadline for gameplans, you forfeit.
2. Requirement that each Coach must list the minutes played of each player in the gameplan, no more "Match LeBrons minutes"
3. Requirement that each player must be designated to a particular position in the gameplans, for example if you have Moses Malone, you must say that he's playing 30min at C, 10min at PF. Using "guard" or "forward" is not good enough.
4. Penalty if someone does not turn in a gameplan, once = forfeit, twice = removal from contest.
5. Games that go into overtime for whatever reason will just continue on and won't push the next set of games back to mess up schedule. Matches that are tied after 3 days will go into an overtime period of 24 hours where whichever team is leading at that time wins the match.  If it's tied still then we go into a sudden death period where the next vote wins.
6. If someone doesn't turn in a gameplan they will lose the match by forfeit, the Poster who turned in their gameplan has the option to post only their gameplan for people to comment. 
7. When both teams fail to turn in gameplans, both teams get a loss
8. Managers are allowed ONE post only in their game thread as a rebuttal/right of reply to the opposition's gameplan only. You cannot use your post to argue with votes.

Rules for Voting
1. Paticipants are expected to vote in 50% of matches in each pool phase without penalty. Votes can be short - Pick a winner and give    1-3 bullet point reasons as to why. The managers will not be arguing with your vote. You can go into as much, or as little depth as you have the time for.
2. Judges are outsiders who are very familar with the competition. Their votes will be worth 2 points as they are unbiased outsiders. Participants votes will be worth 1 point.
3. Penalties for not voting in 50% of matches in each pool phase will result in the loss of 3 points in your next matchup (ie A judge voting against you) for every match below 50% you aren't voting in.
4. We expect all participants to vote in the championship match and final four matchups. This is the pinnacle of the tournament and you are an important part of the process. Please vote in these games, or your application for the next ATMD may not be considered.


1. Draft

2. Pool Phase 1

3. Transaction Period #1

4. Pool Phase 2

5. Transaction Period #2


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