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What happens when you're unwanted or homeless

First they were in Buffalo, then San Diego....they found themselves homeless. Off to Los Angeles they went...now, it seems, they find themselves unwanted. The Lakers are the team of Los Angeles, everyone knows it.

The Lakers are the championship team, they are the playoff team, they are the team with the superstars and the publicity and media attention. In my opinion, the unwanted bastard child of Los Angeles needs to find a new home.

Economically it makes so much sense, if you manage to find the right home -- first off, you won't be competeing for support, sales and general revenue against the Lakers. It would be absolutely mind-boggling, I'm sure to see the amount of revenue the Clippers get compared to the Lakers from Los Angeles. How do they get the money to support themselves like other NBA franchises I don't know, because the Lakers are just taking their share and them some more from the Los Angeles audience.

Basketball-wise, as we have seen this playoffs, home court is ever so important. I have to admit, I haven't watched much Clipper games over the years but still the Lakers have a better crowd, that is for sure. If the Clippers could get some solid support behind them from a solid fanbase they could really start to grow as a franchise.

New Orleans seemed to accept and back the Hornets straight away, of course that was helped by hurricane katrina, their community spirit just inflated to awesome levels. It seems that Oklahoma City, if anything like when they hosted the Hornets will be accepting of the Sonics franchise and support them. If the Clippers get to the right home, (could be Seattle), they could become a successful franchise.

Who are the candidates for cities who want teams, where do they go?

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Orlando Magic Prospects

Topic: Orlando Magic to own March then gain momentum coming into the playoffs?

I was in the NBA Message Board, as you do, and saw a post about "who will own March?"

I knew that Orlando had an awesome schedule for March, but when I entered the thread...everyone was thinking west teams. There was a couple of Boston's...

So far in March the Magic have compiled three wins against New York, Toronto and Washington. Quite Convincingly I might add.

  • Next they have three home games against the Warriors, Hawks and the Clippers. Three games they are very capable of winning.
  • Next there is an away game, woah there is the speedbump, wrong. They are away to a depressing Miami. (Please don't let me eat my words Miami, just play like you have this season so far)
  • Then we have four home games against: Pacers, Cavs, Wizards and Sixers. If they are on a 7-1 run when they hit the Cavs, Wizards and desperate Sixers they should be able to come through with two or hopefully three wins.
  • Next run is away to Atlanta, home vs Spurs and away to the Bucks. Spurs are always difficult and the Bucks should be an easy win. But then again, somehow, amazingly the Bucks are three games outside the eastern playoffs as of me writing this.

I think Orlando can easily manage a 11 to 13 wins in March, out of 14 games.

In April they have:

vs New Orleans
@ Cleveland
@ New York
vs Chicago
vs Minnesota
@ Chicago
@ Atlanta
vs Washington

Should see another good run in April. Unfortunately a strong run in March and April almost certainly won't bump them up a seed in the East but may be able to give them some ever healthly momentum coming into the playoffs.

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