Posted on: September 16, 2008 4:43 am
Edited on: September 16, 2008 4:45 am

NBA Positional Rankings - PF

Right, CBS are releasing their lists of top ten players in each position every second day, so I'll release mine the day before. Their list of centers that came out today was horrible, they had Greg Oden in at number 8 and Shaq in there and Jermaine O'Neal -- Those guys are good, but you can't have all three in your top ten, the NBA does have more depth in the cetner position, believe it or not.

These are my PF rankings, in two days I'll release my SF rankings, in another two days I'll do SG and then PG and then C. If I can be bothered I'll do a top 50 players list like CBS is planning to do. That'll be at the end though. Right, here we go.

PF Rankings

1. Kevin Garnett
- The current DPOY and he led the Celtics to a championship season.
2. Tim Duncan - In terms of all-time, Duncan could well be the greatest PF ever. But as of 2008-09 he is second only to Garnett.
3. Dirk Nowitzki - He didn't play that well last season but still has his own touches of brillance. An all-round player, you can't help not to be a threat when you are a PF that can shoot from anywhere.
4. Elton Brand - He should have a real impact in Philadelphia, he is a great low-post PF.
5. Chris Bosh - He just makes everything look so easy. His shot really sets him apart.
6. Amare Stoudemire - It's tough to see a player so talented at #6 on any list, but that isn't saying he is bad. He will continue to be the major scorer for Phoenix, especially with Marion gone now. He also has a great mentor in Shaq.
7. Carlos Boozer - This team USA member really gives Utah and Deron Williams an extra punch.
8. David West - Broke out last year and managed to get himself an all-star appearence. He played a major role in the Hornets playoff run last season.
9. Antawn Jamison - Caron and Antawn led the Wizards last season, he plays well in the playoffs - Of course not well enough to get past the Cavs...
10. LaMarcus Aldridge - I believe he will continue to be the main guy in the post for Portland. Oden will either spread out the defense in the post or not play well and Aldridge will continue to see the ball.

Honourable Mentions
11. Rashard Lewis - That's how the Magic roll, last season they played their highest paid player out of position.
12. Pau Gasol - He's good, he's just not that good. He's a Laker though, and knowing how far CBS' NBA writers knowledge goes he will probably be top five, lol.
13. Luis Scola - Great for a rookie, he should continue to develop and the great chemistry that appeared in Houston last year should help him as well.
14. Zach Randolph - Isn't used probably and doesn't get much credit - mainly due to the fact that he is a Knick.

I would love to hear everybodies opinions and your all welcome to post your own list here as well as critique mine. If you have any players who should be on the list or shouldn't be on the list or should or shouldn't have an honourable mention just tell me.

I appreciate all comments, thanks all.
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