Posted on: October 19, 2008 3:35 am

Reality vs Relativity

Sport is like a tradition. For some, they are etched in our skin. Our teams blood runs through our veins. From generation to generation of people, we have all flocked to watch, what was in that time, the superior physical (in most cases) specimens perform.

Key words there: What was in that time.

As sports fans we all have different opinions. A lot of what is going on today can be consenus, no matter what team or player we like. For example, the Minnesota Timberwolves aren't as good as the Los Angeles Lakers, it's a given. Pretty much every T'Wolves fan could admit that easily. But when comparing past players with current players, or just players from any different time period - Opinion can differ.

I'm sure we are all aware that as time goes on, technology improves. Humans get faster, stronger and smarter. So when comparing past players - We have to know at the back of our minds that players from the 1950s would get completely owned by a player of today.

We all know that George Mikan wouldn't make a starting lineup today, in fact he probably wouldn't even make the NBA.

We have to speak in relative terms when comparing players from different time periods.

I bring this up because I saw somewhere, a renewed debate. 2007-08 Patriots vs the 85 Bears. Surely we all know that the 07-08 Patriots would completely blow them out of the water. The Bears QB would get sacked heaps. The Bears O-Line would get man handled by the Patriots D-Line. Players are bigger and stronger.

We look at it, the top NBA players of all-time. You have players that could still make the NBA today, but players gradually getting stronger, faster, and better. Can you imagine what some of these athletes will be like in 2050??

The effect is seen more in the NFL, because players are bigger and stronger, O-Lines and D-Lines from 10-20 years ago would be small compared to the O-Lines...

Sports will always be with us, I can't wait, well I can wait...I don't want it coming too soon, but I can't wait till I'm watching NBA in 2060 and comparing them to LeBron James.

I know this isn't the type of blog that gets a lot of comments, because there isn't much to say in reply. I'm merely stating something, there is nothing to answer. Bu tI would appreciate any possible feedback on this.

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