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Posted on: June 14, 2008 5:37 am

This is my view, now you give me yours...

This blog is about the Orlando Magic's offseason. Not a Magic fan, not a basketball poster, I dont care. Lets hear your opinions, what should the Magic do this offseson? But first, read what I think.

Stan Van Gundy is an excellent coach, and as long as the Magic continue to soar he is our man. Patrick Ewing is a great coach and will become a quality head coach in due time. His mentoring has helped Dwight Howards development so much, and he has Marcin Gortat to teach now as well. i'd suggest we get a specialist guard/shooting coach if we don't have one already.

With our lineup having Howard and Gortat at center, Battie with Turkoglu as cover at PF.

At SF we have Rashard Lewis, with a number a players who can fill in on the wing and shoot.

At SG we have Hedo Turkoglu with Dooling, Evans.

At PG we got Jameer Nelson with Carlos Arroyo backing him up.



Center: We have a young superstar with a young player backing him up with Ewing mentoring them both.

Power Forward: I believe if we can get someone a little as Emeka Okafor, doesn't need to be a superstar. Okafor will do, just someone that can give Howard more space. With Battie backing him up we will be solid. If not, we can have Battie starting and I believe we will need to use a 1st round pick on a PF. Ewing can help this draft player or Okafor (or whoever) with their post moves.

Small Forward: We have Rashard Lewis. Beneath that, not much depth. But seeing as we use SF and SG as wing shooters Maurice Evans and Hedo Turkoglu can fit in when needed. If we get a free agent PF, this should be our priority in the draft: A solid SF to back up Rashard.

Shooting Guard: Hedo Turkoglu can start here with Evans and Dooling backing him up. We have three players, and when Turkoglu is filling in somewhere else, we still have two good players. We don't need another player here. Douglas-Roberts and co may be good, but we just don't need another shooting option at SG. We have three.

Point Guard: Jameer was one of our most consistent players in the playoffs. We can keep him in good confidence. With Arroyo backing him up we don't need to do anything here.



Overall. I think the only free agent moves we may need to do is get a decent PF, then we can get some good support off the bench when one of Dwight and the new PF go off. If we do this I believe we should draft at SF.

If we don't make that free agent move, we don't need to make any others. We should then draft at PF.



What are everyone's opinions? Not a Magic fan, not a basketball poster, I dont care. Lets hear your opinions, what should the Magic do this offseson?

Posted on: March 7, 2008 3:22 am
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Orlando Magic Prospects

Topic: Orlando Magic to own March then gain momentum coming into the playoffs?

I was in the NBA Message Board, as you do, and saw a post about "who will own March?"

I knew that Orlando had an awesome schedule for March, but when I entered the thread...everyone was thinking west teams. There was a couple of Boston's...

So far in March the Magic have compiled three wins against New York, Toronto and Washington. Quite Convincingly I might add.

  • Next they have three home games against the Warriors, Hawks and the Clippers. Three games they are very capable of winning.
  • Next there is an away game, woah there is the speedbump, wrong. They are away to a depressing Miami. (Please don't let me eat my words Miami, just play like you have this season so far)
  • Then we have four home games against: Pacers, Cavs, Wizards and Sixers. If they are on a 7-1 run when they hit the Cavs, Wizards and desperate Sixers they should be able to come through with two or hopefully three wins.
  • Next run is away to Atlanta, home vs Spurs and away to the Bucks. Spurs are always difficult and the Bucks should be an easy win. But then again, somehow, amazingly the Bucks are three games outside the eastern playoffs as of me writing this.

I think Orlando can easily manage a 11 to 13 wins in March, out of 14 games.

In April they have:

vs New Orleans
@ Cleveland
@ New York
vs Chicago
vs Minnesota
@ Chicago
@ Atlanta
vs Washington

Should see another good run in April. Unfortunately a strong run in March and April almost certainly won't bump them up a seed in the East but may be able to give them some ever healthly momentum coming into the playoffs.

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