Posted on: July 12, 2008 7:14 pm
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Posted on: July 5, 2008 8:48 pm

Should I stay or should I go?

"Should I stay or should I go?" (Now Ive gone and got that song in my head!)...but that is the problem facing LeBron. Lets not get all of this wrong, he wants to stay. But he will cut his losses and leave (probably for the Nets) if he doesn't feel they can win a championship.

And there isn't any reason they can't get the lineup not to...

If LeBron feels the team can win a championship in the future, well then there isn't any real reason to leave.

LeBron has said he will definitely stay if they can win a championship.

LeBron is good enough to keep Cleveland well out of lottery pick range (they had pick 19 in the draft this year) but he isn't good enough to win a championship with the current roster.

That means the only way for this team to get better is through free agency and trades.

C: Zydrunas Illgauskas / Anderson Varejao
PF: Ben Wallace / Joe Smith/ JJ Hickson
SF: LeBron James / Sasha Pavlovic
SG: Wally Szczerbiak / Devin Brown
PG: Delonte West / Daniel Gibson / Damon Jones

Smith is capable of starting if needed so I believe they could package Illgauskas and Wallace for a great big man (a Chris Kaman type)...Ferry needs to make these high risk / high reward trade similar to the Toronto trade for Jermaine ONeal...

and a Szczerbiak, West or Gibson, Pavlovic for a good SG, maybe someone like RIp Hamilton (not saying he will be traded, just someone of that caliber).

That will leave them with (Ill just put Kaman and Hamilton in for the sake of the thread):
C: Kaman / Varejao
PF: Smith / Hickson
SF: James
SG: Hamilton / Brown
PG: Gibson or West / Jones

I think LeBron would stay with that lineup...

Draft a better PF if they get a good guy there otherwise draft a good backup SF and they are set to win a title.

If they can surrond LeBron with at least one good-great player this season or next season they might just be able to keep LeBron...

LeBron will stay if he thinks they can win a championship, GM Ferry needs to realise this isn't going to happen through the draft and just pull the trigger on a high risk trade...

Cleveland has nothing to lose, they need to try and keep their golden boy LeBron James.
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