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Posted on: May 20, 2011 11:07 pm

Harbour's 2011 NBA Mock Draft: Version 2.0

Hey Everyone,

We have a confirmed draft order and the top 3 picks are sorting themselves out fairly quickly. Of course - a lot can change between now and then,  but here is my mock draft as of right now...

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving (PG, 6'3, Duke, Fr)
It seems like the obvious pick - With Derrick Williams and Kyrie Irving as the seemingly obvious top two picks, the Cavaliers can take a Point Guard with the potential to be special.

#2 Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams (SF/PF, 6'9, Duke, So)
I think Minnesota may have picked Williams if they got the #1 overall since they appear to be banking on the Rubio situation working itself out.

#3 Utah Jazz - Brandon Knight (PG, 6'3, Kentucky, Fr)
Millsap, Jefferson, Favors - They have their bigs sorted. Okur is there too. They recently traded away their PG, so drafting a PG makes sense - especially since Jan Vesely is really the only other possible wing player you could take at #3 overall and even then, that would be a small reach.

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers - Enes Kanter (PF/C, 6'11, Kentucky, Fr)
A potential risk since he hasn't played in a year - but if he does fine in the workouts I see no reason why Cleveland wouldn't jump on Kanter here at the #4 pick.

#5 Toronto Raptors - Kemba Walker (PG, 6'1, UConn, Jr)
It's my opinion that you don't want another euro-big to pair with Bargnani (Valancuinas or Vesely) and also that it would be better to grab a point guard that can score with this pick. Walker fits the bill - Although, Walker at #5 shows how weak this draft class is.

#6 Washington Wizards - Jan Vesely (SF/PF, 6'11, Czech Republic)
Incredible length - in the right system could turn out to be a star in the league. At Washington, maybe not - but he's a good player and Washington could use him.

#7 Sacramento Kings - Jonas Valancuinas (PF, 6'11, Lithuania)
Someone to pair with Cousins in the future - Valancuinas isn't ready for the league yet so he will probably stay in Europe. Best Player Available theory, as there seems to be a clear top 7 at the moment (Kahwi Leonard looks like he could make it a top 8 with the way his stock is rising)

#8 Detroit Pistons - Kawhi Leonard (SF, 6'6, San Diego State, So)
They have many needs and they will be bad for a few more seasons. Greg Monroe, Will Bynum, Austin Daye seem like they will be around for another season or two. Same with Ben Gordon and Villaneuva - They could take a point guard, but after Knight and Walker there isn't much left - so I'm going Best Player Available and taking Kawhi Leonard at #8 for the Pistons.

#9 Charlotte Bobcats - Tristan Thompson (PF, 6'9, Texas, Fr)
This is a tough pick. They have Diaw and Tyrus Thomas locked up through next season. They have Augustin and Livingston at PG but there's no PG's good enough to be picked at #9 (assuming Walker and Knight are long gone). They only have Diop and Pryzbilla at center. I think Gerald Henderson will step into a bigger role with Stephen Jackson - and have Matt Carroll as backup - so storing at wing player would make sense but Alec Burks is realy the only wing you can take here, and I feel like that would be a slight reach. So even though they have Diaw and Tyrus - I'm going best player available in Tristan Thompson. He's raw, and you can store him for one or two seasons before he steps into a bigger role (assuming he pans out).

#10 Milwaukee Bucks - Alec Burks (SG, 6'6, Colarado, So)
They need a replacement for Redd. They also need a backup for Bogut and perhaps a partner for Bogut at PF. But you can't draft a PF here and expect him to start, you could draft one to backup Bogut and that's why I wrestled between the 7'0 Lithuanian Donatas Motiejunas and Alec Burks. With Maggette and Salmons under-performing and Douglas-Roberts not locked up for next season - that a bigger need is Alec Burks.

#11 Golden State Warriors - Bismack Biyombo (PF, 6'9, Congo)
I hope they realise the need some defence - because with Curry, Ellis and David Lee plus Dorrell Wright, Udoh and Biedrins as support. I think Biyombo would give them the defence down-low that they really need. This team has the potential to get into the playoffs next season similar to Memphis this season. Or - they could finish 11th or 12th and end up with a mid-lottery pick again. I'm rooting for them to pick Biyombo.

#12 Utah Jazz - Donatas Motiejunas (PF/C, 7'0, Lithuania)
Utah would love to get Alec Burks I'm sure. They have a good squad with Okur, Favors, Millsap and Jefferson at bigs. Miles, Hayward and Bell on the wing plus Devin Harris and Brandon Knight (assuming this draft is in effect) at point. Motiejunas can be stored on the bench as a big, or if Milwaukee go for Motiejunas - Utah will jump on Burks to bring him off the bench with Hayward. I'm unsure whether they will re-sign Kirilenko at this stage, so I'm acting as though he won't be there.

#13 Phoenix Suns - Marcus Morris (PF, 6'9, Kansas, Jr)
Best Player Available.

#14 Houston Rockets - Markieff Morris (PF, 6'9, Kansas, Sr)
Best Player Available.

#15 Indiana Pacers - Jimmer Fredette (PG, 6'2, BYU, Sr)
It gets tougher to predict from now on - but the Pacers have a good core of wings with Granger, Dunleavy (assuming they re-sign him), George, Rush and even Lance Stephenson. Hansborough and Hibbert are developing well, Foster and McRoberts are off-contract but I assume they'll re-sign one of them. They need a PG to backup Ford and eventually become a starting PG in the league. Fredette is the best available.

#16 Philadelphia 76ers - Jordan Hamilton (SG, 6'8, Texas, So)
Tough pick to make. They need a Center imo but there isn't any good enough to take here. They need to re-sign Hawes, and have Speights and Brand still there. They can opt to keep Young as well. Iguodala, Turner, Young, Nocioni and Hamilton will become their core on the wings along with Holiday and Williams at the point.

#17 New York Knicks - Tobias Harris (PF, 6'8, Tennessee, Fr)
Billups and Douglas at point. Fields and Melo locked up on the wing and I think they will bring back two of Mason, Walker, Azubuike, Carter to play minutes off the bench. Amare and Turiaf at big means that a PF or C is needed in the draft. Tobias Harris, Chris Singleton and Kenneth Faried will all be available at this pick. I think Harris's stock is highest at the moment.

#18 Washington Wizards - Darius Morris (PG, 6'5, Michigan, So)
This is a tough pick because the Wizards have a whole bunch of good players in all players. Wall at PG, Nick Young and Jordan Crawford at SG, Rashard Lewis and Jan Vesely at SF, Blatche, Yi and Seraphin at PF and McGee at C. At this point in the draft you are drafting backups and PG and C backups seem to be needed most. Since there are no centers available here, I've gone for the PG backup to Wall.

#19 Charlotte Bobcats - Klay Thompson (SG, 6'7, Washington State, Jr)
Charlotte gets their wing to store on the bench with Matt Carroll (see pick #9 analysis), and it's a great value pick with Klay Thompson at #19

#20 Minnesota Timberwolves - Chris Singleton (PF, 6'9, Florida State, Jr)
I seriously have no idea what they should do here. They have Flynn and Ridnour at PG plus there's the Rubio situation. Wes Johnson, Matrell Webster, Michael Beasley, Derrick Williams can play on the wing - but Williams and Beasley can also play some PF with Love, Milicic, Randolph plus Tolliver at bigs. Just not very good players. Flynn, Beasley, Love and Milicic are starters. Wes Johnson could start at SG. Webster, Derrick Williams, Randolph, Tolliver, Ridnour are bench players. Webster and Tolliver's contracts are up after next season so drafting a guy to become your SG backup but Honeycutt, Faried, Singleton and Reggie Jackson are probably the only players that would'nt be reaches at this position. So in the end I've gone best player available and taken Chris Singleton. Franchise is a mess, no idea what they would do with Singleton...

#21 Portland Trail Blazers - Kenneth Faried (PF, 6'7, Morehead State, Sr)
They have Matthews, Wallace, Batum, Babbitt, Roy and Fernandez on the wings. Wallace, Aldridge and Camby at bigs plus Miller at point. They need a better PG backup and a good big to come off the bench and play limited minutes. I think they get the latter with Faried at #21. They could of gone for Reggie Jackson at PG but I think they would rather grab a big and stick with their PG situation. I don't think they re-sign Oden, or if they do, he won't be fantastic.

#22 Denver Nuggets - Tyler Honeycutt (SF, 6'8, UCLA, So)
Afflalo, JR Smith and Wilson Chandler could all potentially leave - leaving them with only Gallinari. They will likely re-sign at least one, but wing is a need. Honeycutt is a solid value pick at #22. Felton and Lawson at PG plus Harrington, Mozgov and Andersen at big (with Nene and Kenyon Martin off-contract - they could re-sign at least one) means that wing is their biggest need.

#23 Houston Rockets - Reggie Jackson (PG, 6'3, Boston College, Jr)
With Jordan Hill, Luis Scola, Patrick Patterson and Brad Miller locked up and Chuck Hayes and Yao likely to be re-signed - they are set at PF and C. Kevin Martin is their only player on the wing as Budinger, Lee and Terrence Williams are support players and bench players. Lowry and Dragic at their PGs after trading Brooks. Reggie Jackson, Josh Selby, Jordan Williams are potentially the only picks that wouldn't be reaches here so I'm going with a PG (and the better of the two available) in Reggie Jackson.

#24 Oklahoma City Thunder - Jordan Williams (PF, 6'9, Maryland, So)
They have been so successful in the draft with high lottery picks. They've drafted smart, they've drafted guys to build around and guys with good character. Perkins, Ibaka, Collison are the core at PF/C. Aldrich and BJ Mullens should continue to develop at C. Durant, Sefolosha, Cook, Harden are the core on the wing. Robinson, Maynor and Westbrook are signed up for next season at PG. Drafting a player at #24 means bringing in a guy to play very little minutes, someone who will buy into the culture, be willing to learn and have a good attitude. Imo SF and PF would be the ideal positions to draft for the Thunder - I believe Jordan Williams out of Maryland can fit the bill.

#25 Boston Celtics - Josh Selby (PG, 6'3, Kansas, Fr)
PG to develop, fits the Celtics culture. They need depth at PG behind Rondo, plus they need better, younger centers - none available though - maybe Davis Bertans but I don't see the Celtics drafting him.

#26 Dallas Mavericks - Travis Leslie (SG, 6'4, Georgia, Jr)
I suspect Dallas will use their bird rights and re-sign Chandler, Barea and possibly one of Butler, Stevenson and Peja. Dallas could draft a PF or wing to develop in very limited minutes off the bench. I have them picking Leslie here.

#27 New Jersey Nets - Justin Harper (PF, 6'10, Richmond, Sr)
I suspect the Nets will re-sign Humphries and then draft a PF like Harper to go with Petro and Lopez at big. On the wing they will likely look to sign a FA to go with Outlaw, Morrow and Damion James. Deron Williams and Jordan Farmar will hold down PG for them.

#28 Chicago Bulls - Davis Bertans (SF/PF, 6'10, Latvia)
The Bulls have all 10 of their core re-signed into next season (Kurt Thomas being #11 that isn't re-signed at the moment). They can afford to draft Best Player Available and/or draft a european who will develop overseas.

#29 San Antonio Spurs - Trey Thompkins (PF, 6'10, Georgia, Jr)
I'll assume Parker comes back so they have a nice starting line of Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, Duncan and Blair plus a solid bench in Hill, Neal, Bonner and Splitter (who I assume will play more next season). McDyess and James Anderson should also see some minutes I suppose. There is no heir apparent to the starting big roles outside of DeJuan Blair, and the #29 pick in the draft probably won't give you one - but that is the position they need so Trey Thompkins is the pick. They could also go for Keith Benson out of Oakland.

#30 Chicago Bulls - Nolan Smith (SG, 6'3, Duke, Sr)
The Bulls can do whatever they like in this draft really - It's just whoever they think has the attitude to sit on the bench, work hard and develop. Nolan Smith can do that.

Five on the Border:
Kyle Singler, Shelvin Mack, Keith Benson, Lucas Noguiera and Jereme Richmond.

There you have it. Until next time...

- Harbour

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