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NBA Pick Em - Week 1 Results & Week 3 Picks

Hey guys - We are halfway through week 2, and we are almost at week 3.

If you are still interested in joining, if not's too late. Join up now!

I haven't asked the top 3 for early picks so I can publicly display them this week as it is very close at the top and parity can be maintained without this. But I will in the future because there ain't nothing worse than if a guy wins by 600 after all, it would get boring.

Week 1 Results & Standings

I tried to post the table with the games that everyone picked, how many points you got from that game, your total points and your rank - but CBS formatting wouldn't allow me, it's blasphemy.

Anyway, I'll just review it for you. The Utah-Phoenix game was the first game for Pick Em, 6 users picked the Jazz at home while 4 went the way of the Suns. Utah ended up winnning by 12 and only user picked Utah to win by 9-14, well done kmvenne.

SAS-LAC, 3 users went with the Clips, 5 went with the Spurs - The Spurs ended up taking it out by 3 and Bucfan40 was the only one who had Spurs 1-4.

Orl-Tor, boy, 6 users went Orlando, 5 users went Toronto - and who in their right mind would bet against Orlando? Orlando took it out by 13 - everyone had either 1-4 or 5-8 in that one. 5 came away with nothing, 6 came away with 2 points.

4 users went with Sacramento and 3 went with Memphis in the next game, KobeFanJosh, M1ghty Mouse and e7FROSTY came up big with a huge Memphis win, all coming away with 2 points while others walked away with zero.

7 users picked Cleveland to beat Detroit - while Lakers2408 and North Harbour (myself) picked up points with a solid Detroit win.

It was a split decision by users in the Heat-Raptors game, 5 users going Miami and 5 going Toronto.Toronto won by 6 and Nuggets_SOS was the only user to come away with 3 points.

Minnesota upset every user, escept one, by beating Philadelphia - Lakers2408 didn't pick in that game.

5 users went with the Clippers and got 2 points while 3 users got nothing as Oklahoma City was blown off the court by the Clipps.

Dallas picked off Houston to upset everybody except for Lakers2408 and kmvenne.

5 users picked New York while 2 picked Milwaukee, and it was Nuggets_SOS and cavsr#1 coming away with the points thanks to a Milwaukee win.

3 users, including myself, picked Orlando to beat Houston - while 3 users picked Houston to win. Houston won, and McKrackin came away with all 3 points, while the two others got 2 points.

At the end of the week kmvenne went with some upset picks in - Indiana away to Miami, Portland away to Phoenix and Golden State away to Philadelphia - but still gets 34 points for week 1 and that gives him 1st place after 1 round.

kmvenne 34
2 Bucfan40 32
3= Nuggets_SOS 29
3= Logic 29
3= North Harbour 29
6= mckrakin 28
6= e7FROSTY 28
8= cavsr#1 26
8= Starryfoxie 26
10= ChrisperJ10 24
10= M1ghty Mouse 24
12= nate75 23
12= KobeFanJosh 23
14 Lakers2408 5

Note: There are more members, but they didn't place picks in Week 1. They have for week 2.

Week 3 Picks

- Each week I will display the games that are available to pick. When we started out it was suggested that there would be quite a few 'gimme' games. To make the games harder to pick, I will attempt to only make games available to pick between closer teams in terms of records.

- You can pick up to 20 games per week. You don't have to pick 20, but the more games you pick the more points you stand to get. You will receive 2 points for a win and 1 extra point for picking the correct margin.

- Adding another aspect to a simple pick em competition, pick the margin for a bonus point.

- The margins you can choose from are as follows: 1-4, 5-8, 9-14, 15-19 and 20+. 

- So an example of a pick might be, Toronto @ Orlando - Orlando by 20+.

- Due to a good suggestion, I will no longer post illegal games, I will just post the games that you can pick from, to avoid any confusion.

Week 3 Games - You may pick up to 20 games, along with the provided margins, from this group of games for week 3.

Monday 1st
Minnesota (3-10) @ Charlotte (4-10)
Orlando (11-4) @ Boston (14-2)
Miami (7-8) @ Golden State (5-10)

Tuesday 2nd
Portland (10-6) @ New York (7-8)
Philadelphia (7-8) @ Chicago (7-9)
Detroit (9-5) @ San Antonio (8-6)
Toronto (7-7) @ Denver (10-5)

Wednesday 3rd
Chicago (7-9) @ Milwaukee (7-10)
Phoenix (11-5) @ New Orleans (8-5)
Miami (7-8) @ Utah (10-6)
Oklahoma City (1-15) @ Charlotte (4-10)
LA Lakers (12-1) @ Philadelphia (7-8)

Thursday 4th
Phoenix (11-5) @ Dallas (7-7)
San Antonio (8-6) @ Denver (10-5)

Friday 5th
New York (7-8) @ Atlanta (9-5)
Portland (10-6) @ Boston (14-2)
LA Clippers (2-13) @ Memphis (4-11)
Philadelphia (7-8) @ Detroit (9-5)
Charlotte (4-10) @ Milwaukee (7-10)
Toronto (7-7) @ Utah (10-6)

Saturday 6th
New Jersey (7-7) @ Philadelphia (7-8)
LA Clippers (2-13) @ Minnesota (3-10)
Atlanta (9-5) @ Dallas (7-7)
Utah (10-6) @ Phoenix (11-5)

Sunday 7th
Detroit (9-5) @ New York (7-8)
Portland (10-6) @ Toronto (7-7)

Any issue can discussed.If there are any errors at all, comment here or PM me. Any issue at all, comment here or PM me.


- You can choose whether to make your picks public by just posting them here, or you can make them private by PMing me.

- Picks must be in before Sunday 11.59pm EST. Picks may be changed up until Sunday 11.59pm EST - The picks I have then are final, before then you may chop and change as you please.

- I have been leniant in the first couple of rounds, but this round I want all picks in - It would my life a lot easier and then I could get up another blog on Monday and have it up for a few days before the next Pick Em blog.

Thanks guys

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