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Posted on: December 18, 2008 2:56 am

Orlando Magic: Year to Date

I've quickly drummed up a few notes about how the Magic and their players are going this season and possibly in the future too. Enjoy. 

                                                                         2008-09 Orlando Magic

- Hedo has a player option to opt out next season. He has confirmed that he will opt out unless he gets more money. GM Otis Smith has not configured contracts too well and we are near the luxury tax. Otis has done everything needed not to hit the luxury tax, including letting go Keyon Dooling. In these tough economics times I would expect he wouldn't want his franchise hitting the luxury tax. Meaning Hedo will either be traded before the deadline, or he will walk for nothing. I will be very very surprised if Hedo is re-signed on a lucrative deal. If that happens I would expect some players would be let go, maybe along the lines of Bogans etc.

- We have an overflow at SG, with Pietrus, Bogans and Lee. We also have Redick, but nobody really counts him. We have no real PF, just Brian Cook and Tony Battie. Rashard Lewis plays there, but there is a reason Dwight gets a ton of rebounds yet the Magic lose the rebounding battle -- because our PF is standing so far away from the basket.

- Courtney Lee may develop nicely as a draft pick, but it was still a non-sensical move. When we have no real PF and Darrell Arthur and DeAndre Jordan were sitting there on draft day, it was really sad to see them go.

- Bogans, Lee and Battie have really improved our bench play. It is definitely not the best bench in the world, but it is good enough. Last season we had Bogans, Dooling and Foyle playing minutes off the bench. I still don't feel safe when Dwight goes off, but I feel a lot better when Battie is there rather than Foyle or Gortat.

- Trade rumors have surfaced for a bench PG for awhile now, as Cook and Redick are decent trade bait. It was Crittenton at first, but that died down, it would have been fantastic to get him. At the moment rumors for George Hill have surfaced. I don't see the Spurs letting him go personally.

- Our play is better than ever. Hedo, Rashard and Dwight are playing very well. Jameer Nelson is no longer one of the worst starting points in the league and is very serviceable. Pietrus adds some scoring punch, although I'm not seeing him as a top defender like first suggested.

- The rest of the NBA seems to be finally taking us seriously as we a taking it to all competition and have a fantastic record that seems like we have a very high chance of getting an ECF berth. After that, it really is anybodies game and you can't write anybody off.

- Dwight Howard is absolutely dominant. He is currently in mine, and many others, top 3 MVP candidates.


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Posted on: June 14, 2008 5:37 am

This is my view, now you give me yours...

This blog is about the Orlando Magic's offseason. Not a Magic fan, not a basketball poster, I dont care. Lets hear your opinions, what should the Magic do this offseson? But first, read what I think.

Stan Van Gundy is an excellent coach, and as long as the Magic continue to soar he is our man. Patrick Ewing is a great coach and will become a quality head coach in due time. His mentoring has helped Dwight Howards development so much, and he has Marcin Gortat to teach now as well. i'd suggest we get a specialist guard/shooting coach if we don't have one already.

With our lineup having Howard and Gortat at center, Battie with Turkoglu as cover at PF.

At SF we have Rashard Lewis, with a number a players who can fill in on the wing and shoot.

At SG we have Hedo Turkoglu with Dooling, Evans.

At PG we got Jameer Nelson with Carlos Arroyo backing him up.



Center: We have a young superstar with a young player backing him up with Ewing mentoring them both.

Power Forward: I believe if we can get someone a little as Emeka Okafor, doesn't need to be a superstar. Okafor will do, just someone that can give Howard more space. With Battie backing him up we will be solid. If not, we can have Battie starting and I believe we will need to use a 1st round pick on a PF. Ewing can help this draft player or Okafor (or whoever) with their post moves.

Small Forward: We have Rashard Lewis. Beneath that, not much depth. But seeing as we use SF and SG as wing shooters Maurice Evans and Hedo Turkoglu can fit in when needed. If we get a free agent PF, this should be our priority in the draft: A solid SF to back up Rashard.

Shooting Guard: Hedo Turkoglu can start here with Evans and Dooling backing him up. We have three players, and when Turkoglu is filling in somewhere else, we still have two good players. We don't need another player here. Douglas-Roberts and co may be good, but we just don't need another shooting option at SG. We have three.

Point Guard: Jameer was one of our most consistent players in the playoffs. We can keep him in good confidence. With Arroyo backing him up we don't need to do anything here.



Overall. I think the only free agent moves we may need to do is get a decent PF, then we can get some good support off the bench when one of Dwight and the new PF go off. If we do this I believe we should draft at SF.

If we don't make that free agent move, we don't need to make any others. We should then draft at PF.



What are everyone's opinions? Not a Magic fan, not a basketball poster, I dont care. Lets hear your opinions, what should the Magic do this offseson?

Posted on: April 16, 2008 4:54 am

Ramon Sessions for MVP

Ramon Sessions has been playing out of his mind, combine that with the voters (journalists) tendancy to only remember what happened within the last week or so...abra kadara and here we are, Ramon Sessions, your 2007-08 MVP.

My point is how can Chris Paul lose the MVP over 2-3 games? That doesnt really make sense. While I believe Kobe is the MVP, if CP3 had the lead in the race how does 3 games lose it for you. What about the 78 other games he played in guys?

The voting system is stupid anyway, but if would be fine if they remembered the whole season instead of the last 4 games they played in.

I may have it in the wrong order but In the Australian NBL coach gets 3 points per vote, assistant coaches get 2 points per votes, captains get 1 point per vote. It's not a great system but its a hell of a lot better than the NBA system.

Posted on: March 7, 2008 3:22 am
Edited on: March 8, 2008 12:50 am

Orlando Magic Prospects

Topic: Orlando Magic to own March then gain momentum coming into the playoffs?

I was in the NBA Message Board, as you do, and saw a post about "who will own March?"

I knew that Orlando had an awesome schedule for March, but when I entered the thread...everyone was thinking west teams. There was a couple of Boston's...

So far in March the Magic have compiled three wins against New York, Toronto and Washington. Quite Convincingly I might add.

  • Next they have three home games against the Warriors, Hawks and the Clippers. Three games they are very capable of winning.
  • Next there is an away game, woah there is the speedbump, wrong. They are away to a depressing Miami. (Please don't let me eat my words Miami, just play like you have this season so far)
  • Then we have four home games against: Pacers, Cavs, Wizards and Sixers. If they are on a 7-1 run when they hit the Cavs, Wizards and desperate Sixers they should be able to come through with two or hopefully three wins.
  • Next run is away to Atlanta, home vs Spurs and away to the Bucks. Spurs are always difficult and the Bucks should be an easy win. But then again, somehow, amazingly the Bucks are three games outside the eastern playoffs as of me writing this.

I think Orlando can easily manage a 11 to 13 wins in March, out of 14 games.

In April they have:

vs New Orleans
@ Cleveland
@ New York
vs Chicago
vs Minnesota
@ Chicago
@ Atlanta
vs Washington

Should see another good run in April. Unfortunately a strong run in March and April almost certainly won't bump them up a seed in the East but may be able to give them some ever healthly momentum coming into the playoffs.

Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:50 am

NBA Coach of the Year.

My first blog, I have dreamt of this day (not really).

Topic: NBA Coach of the Year.

First off, No matter how great the team / coach / system - if you dont make the playoffs you are not eligible for Coach of the Year. As the NBA has a bit of an eliteist attitude whne it comes to its accolades.

I'll start with Doc Rivers, Boston (Patriot) fans seem to think he is a shoo-in. I don't. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he did, as he does have the best record in the NBA. I would consider him a shoo-in if he did average last season. He had an All-Star (Pierce) and had one of the worst records in the NBA. The players have made him this season. Sure you don't have a good team without good players but he had Paul Pierce. If he was one of the best coaches he would have achieved something with them.

Flip Saunders, Detriot -- He has a good side, good young players with a pretty solid starting lineup. Proven system and wouldn't be surprised if they finished top of the east. I don't hear his name in Coach of the Year discussions that much, and you can see why. Good coach, but not coach of the year.

On Mike D'Antoni and Avery Johnson all I can say is that unless their respective teams win the west by a decent margin I think that they will just be long-shots.

Greg Poppovich has had the same core for awhile and once again his team are contenders. His team has battled injuries which may be able to get him up the order in the Coach of the Year. Great Great coach, but I don't think he will win the Coach of the Year.

Jerry Sloan, I dont think he will win. A lot of Utah fans seem to think he has a really really good chance. I think it is more the development of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer that helped him. If he was a good coach I think he would have won a title in the eternity he has been coaching.

Rick Adelman, Houston -- He has had a great year and falls into a similar boat as Nate McMillan (with different circumstances) that his team may suffer after Yao Ming's injury. He has done well, but we are yet to see if he is a great coach. I don't think he will get Coach of the Year.

Phil Jackson -- He may have one of the best, if not the best, players in the league -- but, if you look at it, they should have had major chemistry problems and a possible early start to rebuilding at the beginning of the season. I think Phil had a major role in cleaning that up and making them the current favourite to win the west. He was my pick in December to win Coach of the Year, but I think Byron Scott is edgeing him out by the narrowest of margins at the moment. A very, very, very close second. Surely, Lakers will get one of MVP or CotY awards..Kobe and Phil..one of them must get something.

Byron Scott, New Orleans -- The emergence of CP3 has helped him A LOT but he has a young squad with only one inexperienced all-star have taken him to first in the west at various times throughout the season. Definite conteder for Coach of the Year. Byron Scott has done a great job in New Orleans and has a decent coaching past. Phil Jackson was my pick in December but I think Byron Scott is my pick now. Average looking lineup on paper, inexperienced -- 1st in the West - What? Great Job

I have been going back and forth between Phil Jackson and Byron Scott. I think it is an exciting contest.

That is what I think but what are your thoughts and opinions...

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