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Posted on: April 4, 2008 4:19 am
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You should read this, it's about the NBA...

Usually no one will read beyond the title...but if you made it this far....GOOD JOB!!!

It is official, I am the NBA Boards rookie of the year....(Yeah, That's right Lakers2408...JOKES) Congrats to Axesstar and Lakers2408 (who got my vote) who were both one vote behind me...I promise the rest are actually NBA related, just keep reading.

Does Atlanta have a grudge against TJ Ford?? Not only did they not allow Fords layup because the clock obviously started early on Wednesday but last season he didn't have a layup counted late in a loss to the Hawks. And that ultimately played a part in the league upholding the Heat’s protest of that Dec. 19 game. Lucky for TJ it is unlikely that theyll play Atlanta in the playoffs at any time...

The Orlando Magic had a fund raising gala last weekend, The winner of the annual community service award was given to superman himself, Dwight Howard. Strangely enough the day before he received the award he was slapped with a paternity suit in Orange County. Is that odd, or is it just me?

Back to the Raptors controversial loss to the Hawks on Wednesday...The Raptors were up by three with four seconds to go in regulation time, the Hawks had the inbounds pass and despite what coach Sam Mitchell wanted the Raptors didn’t foul Mike Bibby when he got the ball on an inbounds pass, allowing him to make the game-tying three-pointer. I mean what a mental breakdown...imagine if that happens in the Playoffs -- as well as Chris Bosh (I did a thread about this a week ago) lashing out at his team for being too hesistant...Raptors better be prepared come playoff time.

76ers guard Willie Green was in the midst of his worst shooting stretch this season coming into Tuesdays game. Before that game he had made just 13 of his last 64 shots, including 1-of-19 on 3-point attempts. Is that pathetic or what?? I mean, I go better than 1-19 from 3-point range.

Back to other East teams who might have what it takes to fail in the playoffs, the Wizards have Gilbert Arenas back. They are obviously good without Gilbert Arenas, and they are obviously just as good with him. But I don't think Caron and Antawn have enough time to adjust to secondary roles as Gilbert obviously is not going to take a back seat. I just question whether Arenas wants to be a star or whether he has the fortitude to lead the Wizards deep into the playoffs. (Anyone guess the keyword in that paragraph?? It was "Obviously")

7. The Suns have racked up 26 Technical Fouls over the 23 games that Shaq has been with them...Including 4 technicals in Tuesdays loss to the Nuggets. The Suns also have 11 technicals in their last three games...And you thought Kobe was bad...

I just (yes, I am that slow, J/K) noticed a "preview" button at the bottom...does anyone actually preview their blog first??? Especially when there is an edit button anyway???

And if you made it this far...you may as well add a comment...huh...


Posted on: March 27, 2008 2:36 am
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It's a song about me...

My name is Morgan, I am from New Zealand and I am the legendary ( j/k ) North Harbour...and Im up for rook of the year...yeah go me haha..

I first followed along with the NBA when I was ten...but really started watching it when I was 13. My favourite team is the Orlando Magic and Id have to say Hedo Turkoglu is the man but he cant beat out Superman (Jr? / II / The 2nd) himself -- Dwight Howard.
The Orlando Magic message board stinks though...and there are hardly any posts on it so I do the bulk of my posting on the NBA Board.

I post on the NFL board every now and then as I really got into it this season and have sorta followed it since the Steelers won. Thus making them my favourite team. Last season I found myself wanting the Browns to win except against the Steelers so Im never going to be called a hardout NFL fan....

There is only one NBA Player from New Zealand -- Sean Marks, Phoenix Suns. Candidate on Viktor Crapper 12th man of the year...he is in charge of choosing the fabric softener for each stars uniforms and I hear that when they win by more than 30 he even gets to choose where they go to eat afterwards!!! New Zealand represent...hahaha

That brings me to my favourite NCCA Basketball Team...the Washington State Cougars...they are the current university of Thomas Abercrombie who is also from the North Harbour region in New Zealand. Hopefully they can do the impossible and beat the Tar Heels in the sweet 16...

Apart from American sports I follow Rugby regiously as I have wrote somehwere before.....Soccer, Tennis, Netball...I know a bit bout them

Well it wasn't exactly a song but if you managed to read your way through that I always appreciate comments and that is about me!!!

Oh yeah, time for my shameless self-promotion....Vote for North Harbour - Rook of the Year in NBA Boards awards...(though all the other nominees in the catergory are in my favourite posters I think...ha)


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