Posted on: April 26, 2008 8:39 pm
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America vs The World

Now, as most you know I live in New Zealand. I could walk down a street asking people to name me three NFL players and less than 10% would be able to answer my question correctly. I haven't tried it, but Im sure of it. So Im asking you where American Sports (ie NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) rank in the world...

Sure, the NBA and NFL etc are huge in America but how does the NBA (except for China) and the NFL need to do to market itself to an even wider audience???

My rankings for top sports in popularity in the world are:

1. Soccer
2. Rugby
3. Cricket
4. Basketball

What are your rankings? how do american sports get more popular?

Seriously, is it marketing or something? Because these players are getting paid milliions and milliions of dollars but out of America they can be very little known...

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Posted on: April 12, 2008 5:20 am

It'd be a shame to let this go to waste...

I wrote this in a thread on the world sports board, so I'll let some of you have the honour of reaading it too!!!

I Introduce to you my rugby comments...

 Argentina needs extra competition but in the Tri-Nations they would have a brutal travel schedule and would struggle to win a game for their first couple of years, by which time everyone will be disputing it...

Putting them into the Six Nations would make sense as their national squad players all play in european leagues, they could host their games in Europe. Seeing as the games in the Northern Hemisphere are won 5 kicks to 3 kicks Argentina would fit in well with their soccer-styled game.

Plus they defintely can beat France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy at their home grounds. They just cannot beat the All Blacks (on a non-world cup year, just remember that is when we win) in New Zealand and winning in the republic is hard enough for the All Blacks and the Wallabies let alone Argentina.

I thought it was a bit raw that South Africa managed to claim the title of worlds best through beating England twice, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Argentina....Though I do think they deserve it, it was a cheap having such an easy route there...I wouldve prefered to see the Springboks go through beating top teams (NZ, Aus, France) to get there.
I am from Auckland in New Zealand and have lived here all my short life so far so I am Blues fan, so I am used to my teams choking (which is lucky or I might have suffered a stroke watching yet another All Blacks team choke come World Cup Time) and losing to the Waratahs last week was gutting...


The Sharks are still undefeated...What a schedule they got this season, come semi final time if they get a home semi they will be dangerous, look for the Crusaders to win the Crusaders cup (err...Super 14) back this season...

Congrats to Wales for winning with what shouldve been the 2nd in charge of the All Blacks this season (Warren Gatland).


I hope to wont have to say Congrats Australia (not that I would anyway) for winning the tri nations with what should have been the All Blacks head coach (Robbie Deans).

Speaking of coaching look for South Africa to suck this year in the Tri-Nations because they selected the best BLACK available coach, not the best available coach. Their squad will include the best BLACK players as well apparantly...

Dont know too much about the northern hemisphere club competition but I support Toulon in France and Sale in England. Go Luke McAlister...Born and Bred North Harbour boy. Interesting to see how North Harbour will cope without Luke McAlister at No. 10. Fly Half was a weakness for North Harbour last season. We need a solid one...We signed one who had been playing in Ireland or something but Ive never seen him play. Hopefully he can kick. We lacked it last season. Anyone else followed the Air New Zealand Cup???
How can the Cheetahs not convert Currie Cup success in South Africa to Super 14 success, even against other South African teams?? It baffles me to this date.
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